Routledge Handbook of Climate Justice.

Jafry, Tahseen.

Routledge Handbook of Climate Justice. - 1 online resource (567 pages) - Routledge Environment and Sustainability Handbooks Ser. . - Routledge Environment and Sustainability Handbooks Ser. .

Cover -- Half Title -- Title -- Copyright -- Contents -- List of figures -- List of tables -- List of contributors -- Acknowledgements -- 1 Introduction: justice in the era of climate change -- PART I Theories of climate justice -- 2 On the evolution and continuing development of the climate justice movement -- 3 On inquiry into climate justice -- 4 Fact-insensitive thought experiments in climate ethics: exemplified by Parfit's non-identity problem -- 5 A narrative account of temporality in climate justice -- PART II Climate justice governance, policy and litigation -- 6 Global political processes and the Paris Agreement: a case of advancement or retreat of climate justice? -- 7 Statehood in an era of sinking islands -- 8 Reimagining development practice: mainstreaming justice into planning frameworks -- 9 Climate justice in the UK: reconciling climate change and equity issues in policy and practice in a developed country context -- 10 Equity and justice in climate change law and policy: a role for benefit-sharing -- 11 Leading from the bench: the role of judges in advancing climate justice and lessons from South Asia -- PART III Climate justice, finance and business -- 12 Climate finance: moral theory and political practice -- 13 The inter-relationship between climate finance and climate justice in the UNFCCC -- 14 Carbon pricing and climate justice: design elements for effective, efficient and equitable greenhouse gas emissions reductions -- 15 Sharing the burden of climate change via climate finance and business models -- PART IV Just transition -- 16 From the dirty past to the clean future: addressing historic energy injustices with a just transition to a low-carbon future -- 17 Just energy? Structures of energy (in)justice and the Indonesian coal sector. 18 Climate technology and climate justice: energy transitions in Germany, India and Australia -- 19 Big Oil's duty of disgorging funds in the context of climate change -- 20 Climate justice and REDD+: a multiscalar examination of the Norwegian-Ethiopian partnership -- PART V Urban Climate Justice -- 21 The climate-just city -- 22 Configuring climate responsibility in the city: carbon footprints and climate justice in Hong Kong -- 23 The shifting geographies of climate justice: mobile vulnerabilities in and across Indian cities -- 24 Fair for whom? How residents and municipalities evaluate sea-level rise policies in Botany Bay, Australia -- 25 Thermal inequity: the relationship between urban structure and social disparities in an era of climate change -- PART VI Climate Justice and Gender -- 26 Climate justice, gender and intersectionality -- 27 "No climate justice without gender justice": explorations of the intersections between gender and climate injustices in climate adaptation actions in the Philippines -- 28 A multiscale analysis of gender in climate change adaptation: evidence from Malawi -- 29 Participatory climate governance in Southeast Asia: lessons learned from gender-responsive climate mitigation -- PART VII Climate justice movements and struggles -- 30 "Climate change is about us": fence-line communities, the NAACP and the grounding of climate justice -- 31 Mother Earth and climate justice: indigenous peoples' perspectives of an alternative development paradigm -- 32 Negotiating climate justice at the subnational scale: challenges and collaborations between indigenous peoples and subnational governments -- 33 Understanding the crises, uncovering root causes, and envisioning the world(s) we want: conversations with the anti-pipeline movements in Canada -- PART VIII Emerging areas in climate justice. 34 Beyond the academy: reflecting on public scholarship about climate justice -- 35 Climate migration: the emerging need for a human-centred approach -- 36 Climate justice education: from social movement learning to schooling -- 37 Transformative approaches to address climate change and achieve climate justice -- 38 Conclusion -- Index.


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