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020 _a9781592538157
040 _aAE-ALZAD
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_b.S353 2013
100 1 _aSchwake, Susan.
245 1 0 _a3-D art lab for kids :
_b32 hands-on adventures in sculpture and mixed media /
_cSusan Schwake ; phototgraphy by Rainer Schwake.
246 3 _aThree-D lab for kids
260 _aBeverly, MA :
_bQuarry Books,
300 _a144 p. :
_bcol. ill. ;
_c23 cm.
504 _aBibiliography: p. 142.
520 _a"An inspiring collection of ideas and projects for encouraging an artistic spirit in children! 3D Art Lab for Kids includes 36 kid-friendly fine art projects in paper, clay, textiles, sculpture, and jewelry. Each project is inspired by the work of a prominent artist and is illustrated with step-by-step full-color photographs of the process as well as finished samples and variations. Whether you use these projects independently or as a curriculum for hands-on 3D art experiences, you'll find that the lessons in this book are open-ended so they can be explored over and over-with different results each time! Colorful photos illustrate how different people using the same lesson will yield different results, exemplifying the way the lesson brings out each artist's personal style. 3D Art Lab for Kids is the perfect book for creative families, friends, and community groups and works as lesson plans for both experienced and new art teachers. Children of all ages and experience levels can be guided by adults and will enjoy these engaging exercises. "--
_cProvided by publisher.
650 0 _aSculpture
_vJuvenile literature.
650 0 _aMixed media (Art)
_vJuvenile literature.
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